Taking Learning to a New Level

Garnet Valley is providing students the opportunity to take part in real-world applications
and develop future-ready skills because of the tireless work of their teacher, Mrs. Paula Dugan
who made it possible to receive new and innovative program certifications through the state of
Pennsylvania's Department of Education.

GVSD offers a Career Pathway through a recently PDE approved Program of Study called
Child Care and Support Services Management. Students are able to take their core courses
along with Child Development, Preschool Lab I, Preschool Lab II and Educators Rising
Elementary Field Experience I and II which are rich with hands-on real and relevant 
laboratory or field experience while earning certifications.

In addition to earning a high school diploma, those who achieve a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0
scale in this PDE approved Program of Study can earn industry certifications such as PA
CDA Ready certificate, PA Skills Certificate, CPR & First Aid and may be eligible for college
credit if they Achieve Competent or Advanced on the NOCTI (National Occupational
Competency Testing) End of Program Assessment. Students achieving proficiency on ALL of
the Program of Study Competency Task list are able to provide documentation
to Postsecondary Institutions that they have met all of the requirements and may receive
college credit. Meanwhile, Students are already reaping rewards by being offered
employment, higher pay, bonuses, and advancement even while attending school.

Check out the complete program description and task list that has been created by the
Pennsylvania Department of Education that students are required to pass in order to receive
the training. 

Students in preschool lab design lessons, projects, and activities that are aligned to a weekly
theme.  They learn the parts of a lesson plan, appropriate class management techniques, time
management skills, and all that it takes to run a successful classroom and child care

The images below are part of the classroom at the high school that has been designed and decorated as a preschool experience.


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