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One Student Question to Rule the World

The Collaboration Process: Part 1

Here is a story to help lay out how collaboration begins, develops and changes here in Garnet Valley.  It is student driven and facilitated, with the teachers providing the framework.  

The BeginningOne student question to rule the world!

So we may not be Lord of the Rings, but a student did ask one question, which led to bigger things that are now ruling our teacher world.  Let’s take a peek into Miss Abes’ 6th Grade ATP classroom.

Students are grouped at tables with Chromebooks open working on a Nearpod about Digital Citizenship.  The class discussion is about the internet and how we use it safely.  Talking points are as follows: Important to have a Positive Digital Footprint Be careful what you say, do and find online What you do online cannot be erased

As the discussion and lesson continues, one student raises her hand and states, “Maybe the internet is a bad thing. Maybe we are on it too much and we shouldn’t be. How does it really help us anyway?”

Wow! L…

Mystery Skypes in GV Classrooms: Learning through Connection and Collaboration

So far this year, Garnet Valley classrooms have been connecting with many schools throughout the United States of America and Canada.  Students are learning geography, culture, and different ways to collaborate and learn.

Geography: So how does it work?  Students from both classrooms take turns asking Yes or No type questions via Skype or other forms of video chat such as Facetime, or Google Hangouts.  Once a question gets answered, students cross off states on a map.  This is a phenomenal way for students to learn Geography.  They are scaffolded to use certain types of vocabulary: North, South, East, West, Border, Great Lakes, River, Longitude and Latitude, Landlocked, etc.

Culture: Once both sets of students find out which state they are located, classes have the opportunity to tell a little bit about there area.

Students have learned: Iowa produces the most corn in the US and Benton SD covers 113 Square MilesArkansas is best known for Walmart stores and the state tree is a Pine TreeVe…