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A Positive "Digital" #GVFEELING

What do footprints, citizenship and cereal all have to do with our students?

They are all part of how students create a positive, online presence through Digital Citizenship and Digital Branding at Garnet Valley School District. As showcased last year, teachers are stepping it up and taking Digital Citizenship to a new level throughout the district. K-5 FootprinsIn the elementary schools, students begin to understand that each time they post or are posted online, they are leaving a digital “footprint”.  This footprint is never erased and what they do now matters. Students are encouraged to take control of their digital footprint and to leave as much positive content so that it drowns out any of the negative that may appear.  Students in 5th grade sign a pledge to be good digital citizens that is hung in the hallway all year long.  Students learn about positive guidelines to posting and commenting online and are taught to T.H.I.N.K. :

Middle School-CitizenshipIn 6th grade students are ta…

Providing Choice through Genius Hour at GVHS

Feeding the homeless? Talking to NASA?  Improving health through napping?

These are just a few of the topics that can be explored in Mrs. Crowther’s 9th Grade English classes at Garnet Valley High School. Mrs. Crowther is encouraging her students to become problem finders, critical thinkers and world changers by allowing them the opportunity to participate in Genius Hour, a project designed for the classroom by A.J. Juliani and John Spencer. See videos below for an explanation and how to start one in your own classroom.  

This week the students began the project by “pitching their ideas” Shark Tank style.  Each student pitched the following to their peers: The question they wanted to answer Why they chose that question How they would research the answer What they would do with the answer when they found it

We were blown away with the ideas and passions that came from the students.  They were passionate and showed an amazing amount of empathy for others. Their desire to help change the world,…

Reflections on Global Day of Design #GDD17

In the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to visit many classrooms across my district that were participating in Global Day of Design. (For those of you that aren't familiar with Global Day of Design, click here).  As I visited different classrooms there were three things that really stood out to me:  smiles on students' faces, perseverance as a common behavior and collaboration as a consistent theme. As I resonated on what I observed a question came to mind: What are we teaching our students through the opportunity of participating in a Global Day of Design?  The answer is simple, all the right stuff. Just imagine if we provided our students with more than just a day. By providing students with an understanding and framework of design thinking and allowing them to identify problems and work to seek solutions, we are creating thinkers, problem-solvers, and individuals that can make real life changes. Students attitudes towards learning also shift when provided these o…

6th Graders Coding Poetry

Ms. Lorusso was thinking of another way for her students to express themselves using poetry.  After some exploration, she came across a poetry lesson using SCRATCH.  She instructed her students to pick a poem, read through the poem and find 4 major parts, and express it with computer programming through Scratch.   Here are the AMAZING results along with some pictures!  Great job 6th grade!!


Hands-on Approach to Celebrating Earth Day

Hands-on Approach to Celebrating Earth Day   What better way to teach 1st graders about the Earth than to have them experience what it means to reduce, reuse and recycle. In one of the elementary schools in which I teach I created stations for hands-on learning to teach important concepts to the students in hopes that by providing concrete examples they would walk away with a stronger knowledge of why we celebrate the Earth and how each of them can care for it. There were four stations set up in the Makerspace. Each student completed each station by the end of the class period. Students used recycled water bottles to build planters. Each student added soil and planted seeds to start the growth of a new plant. This activity not only showed students how they can repurpose materials but gave them something to care for. When students create things themselves it gives a deeper meaning to their learning. Students also created cheerio bird feeders. Using pipe cleaners, they strung cheerios …

Reviewing Content Using Breakout EDU?

Breakout EDU has been a big hit in the GVSD!  There are many teachers that are learning how to implement Breakout Edu into their curriculum.  It teaches students of all ages how to work together in a positive way!  Check out these sessions from the High School, Middle School and the Elementary Schools!  The ultimate goal is for students to work together in both small groups and in a whole group in order to solve clues and break out of a lockbox in about 30-40 minutes.  So how can you infuse this into your classroom?  Well, here are a few examples!

Keep it up GV!!  I love the collaboration!!  There are many more to follow!

Personalizing the Learning of Bio Students through Genius Hour

Genius Hour - Mrs. Frost Honors Biology 9th Grade
This year, our Garnet Valley High School teachers in the Science Department launched Genius Hour in their biology classrooms. This initiative entailed giving every student the opportunity to research a particular topic of their own interest, in any biology-related field of science. Once their topic was selected, students developed essential questions to help drive their research. The students used their research to develop a more formal driving question to steer the experiment process. Read below to learn more about our students' experiments and their scientific findings.

Thomas Burke, (Freshman at GVHS),researched the Iodine levels in swimmers vs. non-swimmers. In speaking with Thomas he provided the reasons behind his research. He himself is a swimmer. Through research he has learned that chlorine in pool water replaces the iodine in the body. He conducted surveys and experiments with fellow classmates. His experiment group of s…