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3 To Try Before EOY!

Seven weeks left of school and counting, right? Are you thinking:Oh no! My goal was to design an activity in the Maker Space and I ran out of time!What am I going to do to engage my students at the end of the year?Is it too late to try something new? If you are thinking even one of these, then here are 3 activities you can try in 30 minutes or less! 
3 Activities to To Try Before the EOY

Taking Learning to a New Level

Garnet Valley is providing students the opportunity to take part in real-world applications and develop future-ready skills because of the tireless work of their teacher, Mrs. Paula Dugan who made it possible to receive new and innovative program certifications through the state of Pennsylvania's Department of Education.
GVSD offers a Career Pathway through a recently PDE approved Program of Study called Child Care and Support Services Management. Students are able to take their core courses along with Child Development, Preschool Lab I, Preschool Lab II and Educators Rising Elementary Field Experience I and II which are rich with hands-on real and relevant  laboratory or field experience while earning certifications.
In addition to earning a high school diploma, those who achieve a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale in this PDE approved Program of Study can earn industry certifications such as PA CDA Ready certificate, PA Skills Certificate, CPR & First Aid and may be eligible for …

Breaking Out to Break In

Breaking Out to Break In Building class community, learning about your students, and creating a fun environment to learn are a few of the goals we have as teachers when we begin the school year. So what better way than to participate in a Breakout Edu? This September, teachers in our elementary and middle school buildings have been taking this opportunity to create their classroom culture.

By using Breakout Edu games, teachers have seen an increase in communication and collaboration with their students. The skills they practiced through the games transfer to other disciplines and give all students a chance to feel successful. Breakouts can be used throughout the year, in any subject, and at any level. Garnet Valley teachers continue to innovate and provide students with opportunities to build their 21st Century skills, making them Future Ready! #GVFEELING
**************************************************************Here is what Garnet Valley Teachers had to say: What did you expect be…
Gradual Release of Responsibility: A Parody Taken from Laura Numeroff’s successful story, When You Give a Mouse a Cookie, here is a parody to demonstrate the gradual release of responsibility from teacher to student.
When you talk to a teacher in a grocery store, She will want an idea. When you give a teacher an idea, She will ask for a day to learn. When you give her a day to learn, She will create a lesson. When she creates a lesson, Her students will struggle. When her students struggle, They will learn how to create. When the students learn how to create, They will ask for more projects. When you give them more projects, They will want to share. When the students begin to share, They will want to ask questions. When the students ask questions, They will want to research. When the students begin to research, They will want to create. When t

Taking Learning to a New Level with Dash

This image can be found on this site.

Dash can Take on any Task
Did you know? That 90% of parents want their child to study computer science and only 40% of schools teacher computer programming? Computer Science takes up close to ⅔ of new jobs in STEM.   With the statistics provided by we need to ask ourselves, “How are we preparing our students for what’s ahead of them?” “Are we leading them to be future-ready?”
The answer is YES in GVSD.
Our elementary teachers in GVSD are providing students opportunities for learning computer science by using Dash the robot.
Are you familiar with  Dash and Dot, from Wonder Workshop? If you haven’t explored robots for elementary students take a moment to explore Wonder Workshop. These robots have provided so many learning experiences to our elementary classrooms across the district.  Students are learning how to code in Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies.
Teachers are using their content and standards and incorporating coding as well b…

A Flipped Flip Grid

How do we make instruction more accessible to all our students? How do we make makers of them all? 
Thank you, #FlipGrid!  Mrs. Munro's 3rd and 4th Grade students participated in a Mystery Bag Design Challenge today!  They were each given a bag with mystery supplies in it.  They chose a design challenge "card" and solved the problem using their mystery materials.  Here's how we did it:

1. Instead of making paper cards with written words, we created individual Flip Grid Videos with each of those cards instead. That way all students could listen, visualize and plan without any worry of skill or ability.

2. Each student chose one of those "cards" and made an incredible design. See pics below!

3. When they were done creating, they used Flip Grid to "respond" to one of the challenges. They took a video explaining and showing their designs.

4. Now they are able to listen to each classmates response on their own individual iPads.

Here are the questions …

Blog #3 The Power of Technology

Blog #3
This blog is a reflection of the video posted below. It was put out by Microsoft and it certainly makes you think.

Watch this video. What are your thoughts??

Tech Coach Response #1
I am truly amazed at what we are able to do with technology in today’s world. Technology today was only dreamed of when I was growing up. We did not have mobile devices and almost everything was somehow connected to an outlet. One thing is for sure, you don’t have to go to the library or the computer lab to get work done. Work can happen from anywhere and any place. I do believe we need to remember the power that technology has and not let it take power over us.  We need to be mindful of how we use it, remember that anything can be tracked and traced and use it to do good.   Currently, as a teacher, I have found the good that technology can do.  With my students, I have been able to connect them with classes all around the world. As a professional, I have been able to connect with other educator…