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What does DASH need to Survive? The answer: Resiliency and S.T.E.A.M.

Students in Mr. Talley's first grade class recently came to the C&I Lab at Concord Elementary.  One of the stations included students to build an L shaped track using old computer mice.  Once they built the track, students placed their 3-dimensional setting including what they NEED to survive.  Students used the PATH app to program Dash to the 3-dimensional setting.  Once arriving, students recorded what DASH would need to survive at their setting (beach, mountains, lake)!

Hard to hear: Dash states he needs shelter, food and water to survive!

The Revolutionary War Meets The Green Screen

Did you know, The Battle of Trenton was the first great American victory of the Revolutionary War? Or that the British Army was supported by German mercenaries who were nicknamed Hessians?

These are just a few interesting facts the 7th grade students of Mrs. Fender’s Social Studies classes researched and learned to prepare for their own green screen battle reenactments of the Revolutionary War. In class, the students worked cooperatively in groups to research one of the four assigned battles. These battles included: The Battle of Trenton, The Battle of Saratoga, The Battle of Cowpens, and The Battle of Yorktown. The students had time to prepare for their battles by writing a script that would enable them to retell the story of the battle. Their scripts incorporated important events of their battle, including key players from both sides, what strategies were used, and where the battle took place. The students also portrayed how their particular battle had an impact on the Revolution…