Elementary Art Teachers Using Digital Portfolios with Students

Digital Portfolios in Elementary Art Class

Our elementary Art department has started to use digital portfolios with their students.
 Mr. Carroll, Mrs. Esher, Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Yerger, elementary Art teachers are using Seesaw.me to provide students opportunities to share their work with a larger audience.
Each teacher has chosen a class and/or grade level to pilot using digital portfolios in the Elementary Art classroom.
Students log into the Seesaw app or online version and are able upload notes, photos, videos and/or links to the work they complete in Art class.
Digital Portfolios in Art are an excellent opportunity for parents to see what their child is learning in Art class. Check out some of these amazing posts.

Here is a screen shot of a Fourth Grade Video.   After created their Positive vs. Negative Collage, this class was instructed to create a video to be posted on Seesaw about their project.  The video had to include the three new art vocab. words they learned, a step by step description of how the project was created, and end with a critique of what they did well and what they would do differently.  I found this activity VERY successful!!  In a video ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, I instantly knew who understood all of the new concepts we learned!

Here’s a scree shot of a Fourth Grade Class Feed.  This class took a photo of their Chalk Pastel Pumpkin  to add to their digital portfolio.  We are really filling those folders!!

Elementary Selfies to Introduce their Portfolios 


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