From Genius Hour to the Minefaire Conference 2016

Garnet Valley Elementary Student shares his Genius Hour Project at the MinefaireConference, 2016

One of our Garnet Valley Elementary students, Jimmy Glendening, had the opportunity to share his Genius Hour project at the Minefaire Conference, 2016. During Jimmy's 4th grade year at GVES, his teacher, Mrs. Amanda Bennett provided him and his peers with the opportunity of a Genius Hour project. Jimmy chose Minecraft. His driving question was "What is the history of Minecraft?" He wanted to dig deeper into the versions of the game and learn all the "ins" and "outs" of Minecraft.
Jimmy, with the guidance of his teacher, Mrs. Bennett, completed the research process by developing questions, researching his ideas, finding answers and finally developing and creating his very own website for Minecraft users.
Early this year, in October, Jimmy had the opportunity to share his knowledge and research at the Minefaire Conference at the EXPO Center in Oaks, PA. He was able to share his expertise and research with other users and lovers of the game.

When providing our students with the chance of a Genius Hour project, driven by student choice, the possibilities for our students are endless. You never know where these projects and research opportunities can lead. The possibility of an invention, a development of an app, a cure, Who knows, when given Genius Hour opportunities the sky is the limit.

Jimmy at the Minefaire Conference 


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